Video Release: AboutWeb Cares is Changing Lives Through Paid IT Work


10/4/18 (Baltimore, MD) - AboutWeb LLC, a HUBZone company and leading provider of IT solutions, has released a brief documentary chronicling their AboutWeb Cares program, which is changing lives by providing paid IT job training and free Microsoft and Google Certification training to entry level workers from economically underutilized areas.

This brief documentary was filmed in Baltimore City, Maryland at the AboutWeb Cares Headquarters office, as well as various locations in downtown Baltimore, and produced by the AboutWeb Cares team. It features interviews with AboutWeb Cares employees, as well as Robert Epstein, President and CEO of AboutWeb and founder of AboutWeb Cares.

This video showcases how the AboutWeb Cares program, under the visionary leadership of Robert Epstein, is equipping people with the tools they need to break the cycles of generational poverty and enter the IT job market.

Robert Epstein founded the AboutWeb Cares program in 2016, after he noticed a trend of many people being left behind from the tech boom, while at the same time the IT industry was thriving. "I realized there was an incredible opportunity to do a lot of good if we could find a way to train these underutilized communities in IT, and provided them a pathway to enter the IT industry through getting real-life IT experience."

This was the inspiration for the AboutWeb Cares program, which has so far had sixteen people participate, and graduated four onto full time employment in an IT-related career.

While there are many training programs out there, AboutWeb Cares is special because it provides the bridge of experience companies are looking for in hiring a candidate. All AboutWeb Cares employees start off with 10 hours/week working at AboutWeb, with opportunities to increase hours based on performance.

AboutWeb's innovative "2 + 1" model provides an economically sustainable business model for for-profit companies to create training programs in their local communities. The "2 + 1" model entails that for every two technical billing consultants that AboutWeb deploys, it then takes a portion of the proceeds to fund one person in the AboutWeb Cares program and changes their life in a positive way forever. In this way, AboutWeb Cares creates jobs that support local communities and the Federal Government's HUBZone program in the process, as well as providing a pathway into the IT field.

AboutWeb is breaking the mold of a traditional tech company by giving back to the community and creating jobs in economically depressed areas. Mr. Epstein hopes that other tech companies will emulate the AboutWeb Cares model to support their local communities and do good for the world.