ColdFusion User Group



Linus Torvald had a vision of a version control system that does not suck. Genius git that he is, he created another system named after himself. Git. Humor aside, Git is fast, incorruptible, open source, and distributed. It can be used over half a dozen protocols and can be integrated with any toolkit designed product; including eclipse. This demo will include a discussion of git and it's benefits and drawbacks as well as demonstrations of command line, toolkit, and gui based git tools and hosting solutions.


Miki Tracey is a Senior Software Engineer and Code Chameleon with SRA International, Inc and has been coding in both HTML and ColdFusion since version 2. A Master of Information Technology with a background in education, it just made sense for Miki to begin teaching courses and demos at SRA. She has presented on basic topics such as XHTML and CSS as well as advanced topics such as Regular Expressions, and CFDOCUMENT and is fast becoming a recognized leader at SRA. Miki maintains "The Girlie Code Blog" at and is writing a book on Scandinavian Folklore.

Please join us January 11, 2011 at 6:30pm at our AboutWeb Office 6177 Executive Blvd.Rockville,MD 20852.