AboutWeb Official Holiday Party Music Video - Go Kelly Go!

The original video that premiered at the AboutWeb Holiday Party 2012! Go Kelly Go!
We made this fun video in appreciation of all the great people at AboutWeb!



"Kelly E Brown" (Tune of Johnny B. Goode)
Deep down Mississippi near the railroad track,
Right by the TRS80s near the Radio Shack
There stood a log cabin made of wood andground,
Where lived a country boy named of Kelly EBrown
Who never ever learned to trampoline so well,
But he could code so fast that the Techieswould knell.
[Chorus] Go Go, Go Kelly Go Go, Go Kelly Jo,GoGo,Go Go
Kelly E Brown
Now there's Bonnie,Jeff and Patty in VA,
With Vince playing guitar all the way
Dean and Mike in Baltimore are flying around,
With Mac heading back & forth that's prettysound
And Jim moving up and leading the Rockvilleway,
With Tiffany, Dave, Mike and the new guy Jose
There's Jean, Steve, Courtney, Dan getting itright,
With Jim,Dave and Javi staying up all night
Phill, Jon,Matt and Samer building the apps,
With Anne,Rolando,Sandy getting the clients toclap
Maybe one day Randy's name will be in lights
For being here for 11 years what a sight!