Green Initiatives

Here at AboutWeb our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet to help the climate and the environment without sacrificing productivity. To achieve this goal we do the following:

  • Turn off computers when leaving the office for the day 
  • Turn monitors when leaving the office for lunch and for the day
  • Turn off lights in office when at lunch and at the end of day
  • Program thermostats to change temperature based on office hours to reduce energy usage                              
  • Recycle paper, cans, and ink cartridges
  • Use mass transportation versus car when possible                                                              
  • Minimize printing by using a more electronic approach (Save the Trees!)
  • We have migrated many of our servers to VMware and retired many of our older servers reducing our power and cooling needs. 
  • AboutWeb redesigned the database, to allow these 11 databases to be consolidated to only 1. This included front end changes to the application. Saved on energy, made maintenance so much simpler. Green effect: Use 1/11 (about) of the energy, using less hardware, helping reducing the overall carbon footprint of NIST. (Learn More)