Capital Bank

Capital Bank is one of AboutWeb, LLC's oldest commercial clients. Recently, Capital Bank contracted AboutWeb, LLC. to redesign their public-facing website. This redesign included streamlining the user Interface and presenting a clean, user-friendly website to Capital Bank's current clients and potential new customers. As a part of the new design, Capital Bank wanted to incorporate new technologies and media features to maximize the website's impact. Capital Bank also asked AboutWeb to evaluate new CMS systems to determine a more functional and easy-to-use system.

AboutWeb LLC reviewed the existing website and met with stakeholders from Capital Bank to determine the best design for the Capital Bank website. During this review period, several design template were created and revised to receive final acceptance from the appropriate stakeholders. During this time, an analysis was performed by AboutWeb regarding potential CMS systems, and we determined that Drupal best fit the needs of Capital Bank. From the templates, a Drupal-based wire frame was created, providing all webpages a uniform structure to work from and guaranteeing a cohesive and consistent look from webpage to webpage.

AboutWeb also took advantage of Drupal's flexibility to build scalable features into Capital Bank's website architecture to allow for growth and also allow enhancements to be added to the website. Because of the technologies selected by AboutWeb, LLC and the hard work of the designers and developers on this project, AboutWeb came in 12% under budget and completed the project three weeks early. This savings to Capital Bank allowed them to implement a training plan whereby they trained various staff on the CMS system so that they could make real-time changes to the website without needing to escalate it. AboutWeb continues to provide high-level support to Capital Bank to ensure their satisfaction with the site and to provide expert consulting services for complex enhancements.