TS Application Development Services

AboutWeb has been providing training and technical support services to NIST since 2005.  AboutWeb has performed the following project work:
1.  Development and ongoing maintenance on a combined application including a Java-based portion and a ColdFusion/Flex portion, maintaining successful integration of both applications. Additionally, updated requirements and enhancements as requested, and serviced any need for additional assistance in project management and or senior technical analysis if requested.

2. AboutWeb was contracted to plan, design, and develop interactive database driven web applications for purposes of online collaboration utilizing the existing IT infrastructure at NIST.  Web application is accounts based and keeps a proper variable state during any given transaction.  It is FISMA and Section 508 compliant.  The completed application is designed to be compatible with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 6, 7 (Windows only), Netscape 6.0, Mozilla 1.5, 2.0 (Windows and Mac), Safari (Mac only).

3. AboutWeb provides ColdFusion programming fixes to current production applications in accordance with Scope of Work.  AboutWeb also provides ColdFusion Server Administration support for multiple ColdFusion servers, which includes: diagnosis, optimization, security, and application deployment.

4. AboutWeb provides Web Administration Support, manages, coordinates and updates database and website content.  We provide administrative coordination to training activities, creating and maintaining database content, certificates and records. We perform updates and maintain information directories (both on the website and in print).  AboutWeb is responsible for developing and maintaining web content for publications, training, international legal metrology, laboratory metrology, metric program and other legal metrology related links.  AboutWeb worked with NIST managers to redesign the structure of the program website for increased usability.

5. AboutWeb was contracted to design, plan, and develop an "external (public facing) component" of a NIST web application.   The application utilizes SSL; is accounts based; keeps variable state during a given transaction; and is Section 508 compliant.  The web application "internal components" were written in Cold Fusion 8 and FuseBox with an Oracle backend.  AboutWeb provides support to NIST management in the coordination of information and materials for management briefings; training support; administrative support in the performance of this task as required.

6. AboutWeb was asked to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a COTS software application (security, architecture, best practices, etc) which was being considered for use by NIST.  As this same application is also used by many organizations around the country which conducts business with NIST, this assignment had a high degree of visibility.  AboutWeb evaluated all the source code with a focus on security, and also scaleability, code efficiency, and overall security coding best practices.  AboutWeb identified several highly critical security issues within the COTS application in which the application was extremely vulnerable of SQL injection attacks, unauthorized access, and manipulation and deletion of data.  AboutWeb further provided recommendations on how to make code improvements in order to properly secure the application in a production environment. The project executed on time, within budget, and within scope.  

7. AboutWeb (an Adobe Certified Training Center), was asked to conduct three 5-day Flex 2 courses for NIST developers and contractors at its headquarters in Rockville, MD.  Each class had between 9-12 participants from multiple divisions.  The classes were spaced 2 weeks apart and students were allowed some flexibility to attend 3 days in 1 week, and 2 days in another week, in order to best fit their schedule as many were also involved in critical operations at NIST.