Maryland Land Records

AboutWeb has provided Maryland State Archives with ColdFusion training and worked with MDSA to support modifications to its MDLR database and associated websites using ColdFusion and AJAX.  AboutWeb was asked to perform a detailed code review of the existing MDLR application (which was designed to provide users of the system with access to millions of files and images in the MDLR database).  After the code review AboutWeb provided recommendations for optimization and upgrades of the code to improve performance, stability of the system as well as to infuse best practices throughout the application architecture.  Throughout the course of this contract AboutWeb was asked to provide regular hands on training to the MDSA staff on ColdFusion and related new technologies to be used in support of the project.

AboutWeb was also contracted to build an Administration Dashboard to manage users, track feedback, maintain court information, manage organizations with special access to the application, and display reports. Built in Adobe Flex, the application has a rich and engaging presentation layer, is extremely fast and is intuitive to use. The application was built using the Cairngorm framework to ensure rapid development and minimize maintenance cost.

Additionally, AboutWeb was utilized in planning the load balancing and conducting the load testing on the Maryland State Archive servers and has helped to troubleshoot and optimize the applications and settings to improve performance.