LiveCycle Evaluation and Installation

NIST contracted AboutWeb to perform a detailed analysis of their business needs and to identify compatible server software to enable sharing of sensitive documents from within NIST to the public domain using secure authenticated access. 

AboutWeb conducted an investigation and evaluation of the business needs and given the requirements for document security and a workflow process that extended beyond the NIST firewall, AboutWeb recommended an Adobe LiveCycle solution.  

The Adobe LiveCycle suite offers numerous COTS components that can be purchased independently and integrated with existing systems to achieve a customized solution.  AboutWeb identified Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server as the best fit for NIST, providing the highest percentage of functionality and capability they required.  Additional recommendations were made to augment Policy Server with a customized development plan and phased integration of other LiveCycle components such as Workflow, to achieve a total solution.     
The project goals of analysis, acquisition and installation of the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server were successfully completed on budget.