Immigration and Customs Enforcement

AboutWeb provides consultants including network engineers and other technical personnel to maintain and implement the system for Customs and Border Protection.  Tasks included running the technical support center and help desk, COTS hardware and software integration, deployment and maintenance of enterprise software and hardware.  
Tasks also include supporting a 24X7 LAN operation, supporting CPB National Help Desk, resolving and documenting issues, troubleshooting, upgrading existing operational environment including various servers, enterprise message software and Lotus Notes mail hubs and gateways.  AboutWeb also provides support at CPB to end users for PC and server, hardware and software applications and analysis/simulation of user problems and recommendations of systems modifications to reduce user problems.
* Support of management efforts of 24x7 network support operation (50,000 users worldwide)

* Technical and operational support of CBP's National Data Center

* Technical and operation support of CBP's Technical Service Center Help Desk

* Provision of enterprise-side network engineering and design

* Engineering support of CBP's nationwide Wide Area Network

* Engineering support for CBP's Enterprise email infrastructure

* Operational support for CBP's Enterprise Email Infra-structure tier 1, 2 and 3 support levels

* Operational support for CBP's client server tier three applications

* Engineering and design of CBP's Client Server Applica-tions

* Provision of technicians for nationwide field deployment of networks and systems
The 24x7 support that AboutWeb personnel provided included the following systems and technologies:
* LAN:  Novell, Windows NT, Windows 2000

* Database:  Oracle

* WAN:  Cisco routers, with Tier One Carriers Sprint and MC

* Email:  Lotus Notes, cc: Mail