The process starts when a user submits a SPA Order Form with a new Work Order.  By leveraging Java and the LiveCycle scripts component, AboutWeb enabled users to select as many contractors needed from a dynamic drop-down that is pre-populated, which also allows for searching to minimize the drop-down size.  After submission, the form data is inserted into a database and the data is merged into a sub-form that is emailed to all the contractors selected in the form, after which the form is placed back into the user's queue.  Once the employee receives a response from the contractors and one has been granted, the form is updated and re-submitted to LiveCycle.  The data is then updated in the database and an email sent to the stakeholders with a copy of the form.

AboutWeb was responsible for development of the SPA ordering process including all custom process components that utilize Java to allow the users to search for and select data from dynamically generated drop downs.