Electronic Information Exchange

AboutWeb architected a FIPS 140-2 system used by NRC to receive and track legal documents.  Due to the sensitive nature of the documents, the system had to support digital signatures and encryption.  AboutWeb consultants created a prototype that integrated Flex and client side Java to replace the existing application that had to be downloaded and installed by users. 

The EIE system covered FIPS 140-2 security levels I-IV for information security.  The core functionality of the system supports public submission of documents over the internet with an extendable workflow on the backend to process and deliver documents.  Data is transmitted using TLS employing AES 256 encryption and SHA2 hashing algorithms.  Users are authenticated using either software or hardware tokens depending on the security level required. The core technologies used in the application development were PDF Forms, LiveCycle, J2EE, JMS, Java, and SQL Server.