eCAPRIS and eCOMBS are award winning web applications developed by the City of Austin in order to estimate project and department budgets.  All pending project and fiscal year department budgets for nearly every branch of city gov-ernment are tracked and calculated by the eCOMBS and eCAPRIS applications.  The primary end-users of the two applications are the city planners, department and project managers, and senior city executives (Mayor, City Planner, etc.).

AboutWeb performed a ColdFusion architectural review, a ColdFusion code re-view and conducted performance analysis and testing for the City of Austin.  AboutWeb reviewed and optimized the configuration and settings for ColdFusion and for the J2EE Server (JRun) that were currently being used in production to host client's live eCapris and eCombs applications in order to speed up performance, increase stability, and identify/fix any other issues.  

AboutWeb was asked to create an optimal J2EE clustered environment to host the eCombs and eCapris applications behind the Big IP Network Load Balancer already purchased by the city.  All J2EE server instances, ColdFusion deploy-ments, and JVMs in the clusters were optimized for performance and session replication/failover.  AboutWeb then migrated the eCOMBS and eCAPRIS appli-cations from ColdFusion 5 to CF MX 7 in order to make use of the enhanced features of MX 7.  Email notifications were set up to alert personnel when server instance(s) become unable or unavailable to handle requests so that they can respond to the outage in the appropriate manner and in a timely fashion.  

AboutWeb completed a successful conversion of application from ColdFusion 5 to ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 and converted Fusebox 2 (currently within application) into an object-oriented environment utilizing and leveraging ColdFusion Compo-nents.   AboutWeb created custom tags to create presentation tier interfaces to the business logic (CFCs). Application.cfm was converted to Application.cfc. Application.cfc was implemented throughout application.  An evaluation and optimization of all queries was performed and queries were moved into PL-SQL Stored Procedures.  Field validation of approximately fifteen data entry screens was completed, plus conversion of 26 report action files ranging from 200 to 500 lines of code each into PL/SQL procedures.  Code was optimized and a consistent look and feel similar to other City of Austin web-based applications (design provided by City of Austin) was implemented.  

AboutWeb assisted in troubleshooting the applications and conducted load tests against the eCombs and eCapris applications in the new server environment (the two new servers slated to host the production environment with clusters).

AboutWeb was later asked to provide Certified Adobe Flex training to the Budget Office team, and to develop a dynamic report builder to support the eCombs and eCapris applications.  The report builder was designed with a Flex front end and a backend written in ColdFusion MX 7 integrating with an Oracle database.  One of the main goals of this project was to give city employees an elegant and flexible interface for defining search criteria resulting in the generation of historic, current, and projected financial data.