AboutWeb is assisting with the Social Security Administration's effort to migrate current applications to modern technologies.  AboutWeb provides both legacy and modern technology developers, analysts, and data conversion experts to assist in a support services contract.  The goal of this contract is to optimize the modernization of systems in a uniform manner, with seamless impacts to the end users.  AboutWeb currently provides support to the Legacy Modernization task for SSA's Office of Retirement and Survivors Insurance System (ORSIS).   Our Enterprise SOA Architect is currently preparing Architecture Driven Modeling for the ORSIS segment of the SSA EA Architecture. This system and application discovery work has evolved into a proof of concept and a right-sized methodology for ADM that has captured the attention of senior management and led to an assignment for the 2010 budget utilizing the POC methodologies. The ORSIS Strategic Plan will identify ORSIS key change-drivers, guide the changes needed to allow ORSIS application systems to effectively respond these changes, and provide a transition plan for moving from what is to what is proposed.  The strategic plan looks 1-5 years into the future.

AboutWeb is also supporting SSA's SSNAP and SSNAP-MI projects.  SSNAP is a modification of the current CIS mainframe system in accumulating information pertaining to acquiring a Social Security Number and storing the data in VSAM files.  An Access database and front end VB program are used in obtaining and storing evidence not included in CIS. The new system combines the above using front-end Web based Java screens to gather information and store it in DB2 tables.

SSNAP-MI is a replacement reporting system for the current paper reports.  Java screens will be used to display user chosen information. Summary information will be pre-calculated the night before and stored in an Oracle database for next day quick retrieval. AboutWeb reviewed specs and verified programs for accuracy and performed functional analyst work creating validation tests in Quality Center.