American Physical Therapy Association

Aboutweb was asked to assist the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in the enhancement of their website to give doctors and researchers the ability to more easily search/access the data collections maintained by the association.  The APTA project required the inclusion of "Practice Scenarios" which link related extractions, treatments, and outcomes and combines the results, into their current website and database.  These linked submissions provide APTA researchers with evidence-based proof of preferred treatments pooled for statistical analysis.  

The design document produced by AboutWeb for the project included additional fields that allowed further submission linking.  All application development was written using Abode CFML.  The existing application used CF to interact with the data persistence layer.  Development was completed on a local CF server.  Once testing commenced, the development code was moved to the APTA development server.  All new tables and table changes were inserted directly into the existing development server Microsoft SQL database.  

Once the project was completed, APTA moved the CFML code to the production server and replicated the database schema in the production database.  AboutWeb provided documentation concerning the data migration and left all applicable scripts in place in the development environment to facilitate the transfer.  AboutWeb helped to migrate existing data into the new table structure and was available post transition for testing, debugging and refining of the very complex calculations that were involved in the search functions.