Application/Software Development

Application/Software Development

AboutWeb specializes in designing software by employing tools, technologies, and standards such as UML, J2EE design patterns, paper prototyping and semantic net diagrams, Agile and Sensible Assembly methodologies, RUP, etc. AboutWeb has focused on creating specializations in 4 primary "specialty areas" with ColdFusion which sets us apart from larger IT consulting firms:


Object Oriented ColdFusion Development

Every ColdFusion project developed by AboutWeb is done so using ColdFusion Components and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) best practices and techniques to represent application business logic. This is achieved by using J2EE design patterns and fundamental object think principles to model the software before the implementation phase, and taking advantage of object oriented features and best practices during the implementation phase of a project.


J2EE integration and configuration optimization

AboutWeb senior IT staff have expert knowledge of the J2EE Specification, the inner workings of J2EE Application Servers, and how to optimize both the ColdFusion Server settings and the configuration of the underlying J2EE Application Server.


Rich Internet Application Development

AboutWeb believes that Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and the theory behind "Web 2.0" will shape the way that software is built in the 21st century. We believe that smart client applications that create better user experiences will become commonplace, and our development staff specializes in creating smart clients with technologies such as AJAX and Flex, and architecting both the client and server (using ColdFusion) tiers in these next generation web applications.


Integration with External Technologies

AboutWeb has experience leveraging and integrating external technologies and platforms with ColdFusion. These technologies include legacy mainframe and mid-range systems written in languages such as RPG and COBOL, COM and DCOM objects and COM and DCOM based software such as ActivePDF, Microsoft Office and Exchange Server, and Java libraries and applications including PDF libraries, Struts, several Jakarta tag libraries, Java and J2EE core library packages, and more.


Some of our recent clients include:

  • American Academy of Otolaryngology
  • Optical Society of America
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • The City of Austin, TX
  • Sys-Con Media