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Get an edge on the competition with technology training from AboutWeb. We offer seminars, courses and certification programs for beginning and advanced IT professionals.

AboutWeb is an Adobe Authorized Training Center. Our certified instructors are available to teach the full range of Adobe authorized curriculum with a special focus on ColdFusion, Flex, and LiveCycle ES2.5/ES3/ES4, which is an integral part of the Adobe Experience Manager System (AEM). AboutWeb is also a Certified Acquia Drupal Training partner.  Our instructors are available to teach the full suite of Acquia courses.

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Our AboutWeb developers and instructors have joined forces to create several new courses and seminars offered exclusively by AboutWeb. These courses will provide students, government and IT professionals with up-to-date instruction on the latest web marketing and IT tools.

                    Building and Deploying Secure ColdFusion Applications 
                    ColdFusion Administration  (Create pages with accurate info and link)
                    Search Engine Optimization
                    Software Architecture for ColdFusion Developers

A message from AboutWeb Training:

AboutWeb has developed a new, introduction-level Forms Guide, based on visual checklists, which has been very well received by our students to date. We feel that this new course meets the needs of many of our clients and was developed based on the feedback of current and former students. This course allows traditional forms managers to begin using LiveCycle for forms conversion and development and also introduces them to the more complex development potential Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES4) holds.

AboutWeb is also adding a new element to our traditional training offerings. We are combining our expertise with Adobe Workflow implementation and form development with Adobe's LiveCycle product into our training offerings. We are rolling out custom classes that include having our customer provide us with actual forms (AboutWeb will convert or build specific forms as part of the training package) that are a high priority to have in PDF format. AboutWeb will build a custom class on the steps taken for the conversion of the form (Checklist style) and provide training on the techniques used. We provide detailed steps on how we went through the conversion process in addition to returning high quality deliverables (forms) that you have prioritized in your conversion plans. We look at this custom class structure to be an end-to-end solution for training, forms conversion, and quality control with high-priority forms.

AboutWeb can deliver not only Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Designer classes from the Adobe authorized curriculum but we can cover A to Z as an Adobe Solutions Network Partner in terms of teaching other Adobe LiveCycle ES4 server based technologies. AboutWeb, as an Adobe Partner, can be contracted to build any type of end-to-end Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite solution. The other Adobe LiveCycle ES4 training offerings we can provide (for example as part of many) are classes that teach technologies such as workflow automation, digital rights and signature validations, reader extensions, as well as how to utilize Adobe's mobile web forms. These training offerings include and target server based components that are all a part of the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite platform. We have also begun to expand into Adobe's Experience Manager (AEM) suite of tools and products with their forms designers as well.


AboutWeb also offers a variety of courses through our partner, ThinkB!G.LearnSmart. Through this partnership, we can provide a wide range of other training options utilizing ThinkB!G's state-of-the-art training facility in Columbia, Maryland. Click the the logo below to explore these additional training opportunities!

For more information, contact training@aboutweb.com.