AboutWeb Cares targets economic empowerment zones to help entry-level workers obtain the skills and experience they need to broaden their success in the job market.

The Origins of AboutWeb Cares

The staff at AboutWeb sat down for a chat with Robert Epstein, President & CEO of AboutWeb and Creator of AboutWeb Cares, for a personal interview.  Click here to read more.

Our Philosophy

The AboutWeb Cares motto is: “Building Skills, Empowering People, One Job at a Time.”

AboutWeb Cares focuses on helping communities from economic empowerment zones obtain the skills and experience they need to broaden their success in the job market. One of the primary goals of the program is to create jobs and train our local communities in new skills so they are better prepared for the challenges of the new job market. This division also deploys members of the AboutWeb Cares team to assist with helping nonprofit and/or charity based organizations that need additional help in achieving their goals.

How Does It Work? 2 + 1

The AboutWeb Cares program is entirely self-funded through AboutWeb. Our target is as follows: two plus one. For every two (2) technical billing consultants that we deploy to perform IT services, we take a portion of the proceeds from that work to invest in hiring an individual from an economic empowerment area. We pay them to learn technology in both the classroom and on the job to elevate them out of poverty.

Training Opportunities

One of the primary goals of the program is to create jobs and train workers in new skills so the next generation of workers is better prepared for the challenges of the new job market. Here are the courses AboutWeb Cares offers:

  • Intro to AboutWeb Cares
  • Intro to Technology
  • Internet Research-How to find targeted information
  • Intro to Word
  • Intro to Excel
  • Intro to Email Basics
  • Intro to Gmail
  • Intro to Google Docs, Drive and Sheets
  • Intro to CRM-Customer Relationship Management
  • Internet 101
  • Intro to Programming
  • Intro to JavaScript
  • Intro to Webpages-HTML
  • Intro to Cascading Style Sheets-CSS
  • Intro to Databases
  • Graphic Design
  • Cybersecurity Basics
  • Cybersecurity 101
  • Cybersecurity at Home
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Desktop/Network Support
  • A+ Certification Training
  • Network+ Certification Training
  • Security+ Certification Training
  • Microsoft  Certification Training
  • Mentoring
  • Community Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Web Content
  • Journalism


AboutWeb takes pride in locating its offices in areas where we can have a direct, positive impact on the local population. Our Tysons, Gaithersburg, and Baltimore City offices are all located within federally designated HUBZone areas.

View testimonials from our AboutWeb Cares employees here.

AboutWeb Cares Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must live within a federally designated HUBZone area. Click here to verify you reside within a qualified census track.
  • Able to work 10 hours per week, with a total of 40 hours per month
  • Provide current proof of residency (for example: Driver’s License, Voter Registration card, or Lease with further documentation)
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Background check
  • 9th grade reading and math proficiency

Did We Mention?

  • You might be able to work remotely! You are always welcome to join our team in one of our 3 local offices, but might have the option of working from the comfort of your home or at one of our client sites
  • This is a paid position. All AboutWeb Cares employees receive a training wage.
  • Work hours extremely flexible – 10 hours per week, with a total of 40 hours per month

How to Apply:

Submit your resume to our Human Resource Department at awcares@aboutweb.com

  • Please include complete contact information, full home address, and areas of interest and expertise


Serving the Community

At AboutWeb we are dedicated to serving and providing for our community through various avenues. In addition to working to help build and support the lives of others in our local community, we are very committed to running an ethical work environment and contributing to the technical community.