About Us

AboutWeb opened its doors in Vienna, VA in 1998 bringing technology solutions to community businesses. The following year, it launched CareerBank as a spinoff company, providing technology solutions to careerbank.com. Soon after attaining its GSA schedule and becoming Microsoft certified, AboutWeb opened its staff augmentation division in 2002. As part of the growing demand of its clients, the company brought in more professionals to fully expand its IT staffing capabilities.

As the company grew its business and subcontractor relationships, AboutWeb opened a second location in Rockville, which would eventually become its headquarters. AboutWeb won its first prime contract in 2006 with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a relationship that still continues to this day. During this time, AboutWeb began its first training services in response to growing customer demand. Two years later this continued growth led to the company opening its location in Baltimore.

As AboutWeb increased its relationships with government agencies and commercial businesses, it gained more certifications and contract vehicles, including a GSA renewal and TAPS contract. AboutWeb has translated our relationships into new lines of business, including Products and Cybersecurity initiatives and has also formalized our program to give back to the community. 

In 2015, AboutWeb formally launched the AboutWeb Cares division which focuses on continued growth of AboutWeb through community development and empowerment. By connecting these two goals, AboutWeb will continue to meet its strategic organizational objectives while meeting the civic responsibilities that have been a core goal of the company founders since AboutWeb's inception.


Contact Us

Gaithersburg Office - Principal Office - Corporate Headquarters

 101 Chestnut Street, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

 (301)-468-9246 (office)/(301)-468-9670 (fax)

Rockville Office 

 6177 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20852

 (301)-468-9246 (office)/(301)-468-9670 (fax)

Virginia Office

2106-D Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182

 (703)-448-5048 (office)/(703)-448-9229 (fax)

Baltimore Office

7008 Security Blvd, Suite 218, Baltimore, MD 21244

(410)-594-0547 (office)/(410)-594-7299 (fax)